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1) 3 AM talks: S: Are you sleeping? R:I was sleeping. S: Tell me your story. I will tell you mine. R: Just go to sleep, Squiggles. S: I was born on a beautiful summer day…I was the most beautiful baby ever…and.. R: SHUT UPPP! 2) Flowers Flowers in every […]

Miss Squiggles’ Three Beautiful Things

1) The first cup of coffee of the day 2) Cake for breakfast (only if it’s your birthday) 5) A five-day birthday celebrations and a little surprise on the sixth day! x Miss Squiggles

Miss Squiggles’ Three Beautiful Things

There are a few men from the literature world I like. Almost no one. Actually, no one. But I make an exception for Gatsby. It hasn’t always been love, of course. Miss Squiggles had to read the book a good three times and watch Leonardo Di Caprio giving a great […]

Miss Squiggles meets Jay Gatsby

1) The Ellen Show How can you not love Ellen? She is a great communicator and extraordinary human being; she recently slammed popular fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch for stopping selling  bigger sizes (as they only want  “cool, good-looking people”) and that’s why we love her. 2) Miss Leslie’s Behaviour […]

Miss Squiggles’ Three Beautiful Things

1) New Mags Massive magazine sale. For £6 I bought Cosmopolitan, Elle and Company: Challenge accepted. 2) The Joyful Revolution After reading about it in Cosmopolitan, I signed for The Joyful Revolution, a heart-warming initiative in the name of  the “Do Good, Feel Good” mantra. I also wrote about it […]

Miss Squiggles’ Three BeautifulThings