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An independent group of young professional ladies in Cardiff? Easier said than done? Right? Wrong because Miss Squiggles went to Sorelle’s launch night and loved it. Sorelle is the only independent group in Cardiff for young women. Run by solicitor Danielle Howell, Sorelle is what Cardiff has been missing all […]


It’s Miss Squiggles’ birthday today. She has been learning so much in the past year and she just knows she has to share all her new-found wisdom with you guys. Please have a look at the 27 things I learnt on my 27th year on planet earth… Apologies for the […]

27 things I learnt on my 27th year on earth

It’s a hot May day, we’re in Cardiff’s latest indie bar and we can hardly contain our excitement. People show their tickets to bouncers proudly and gingerly mix themselves into the crowd. Those left behind look curiously asking themselves what’s going on while those who get in can hardly believe […]

Miss Squiggles Goes to Ignite

It was a lovely Sunday morning and Miss Squiggles went to The Art-Car Bootique. Within the arty settings of the Chapter Arts Centre, The Art-Car Bootique is the perfect excuse to do nothing but just enjoy yourself on a lazy bank-holiday weekend sipping cold drinks and interact with the local […]

The Art-Car Bootique in Cardiff

There’s home and then there’s The Queensberry Hotel which is pretty much the same thing.  It’s not only about the general loveliness of the staff and the grace of the beautiful building but also about that beautiful feeling of having found your perfect spot in the whole crazy world. It’s […]

Miss Squiggles Visits The Queensberry Hotel

Miss Squiggles Tweet-Chats with Interior Stylist & Journalist Anna Tobin and she finds out all about the latest Spring trends for your home. Want to tweet-chat with Miss Squiggles? Follow her on SquigglesBlogs today. What’s your favourite #Spring trend?   “I love colour. I’m thrilled that the stores this season […]

Tweet-Chat with Stylist Anna Tobin