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Miss Squiggles talks to Sustainable Women’s Wear designer Stamo and unveils one of the great minds behind the first ever Luxury Sustainable Fashion Show during London Fashion Week. Stamo, my collections, my colours “I come from Greece, where light dictates everything. Light is colour and colour can make your day smile. […]

Meet Stamo

Sonya Kashmiri is a worldwide appreciated, eco fashion designer. In 2008 she created a sustainable accessory label and since then she has exhibited at both London and Paris Fashion weeks. Her beautiful collection focuses on structure, shape and symmetry using only natural and organic materials such as Italian chrome free […]

Meet Sonya Kashmiri

London Fashion Week or if you, like me, are a bit of a Twitter weirdo #LFW, is one of the most interesting events of the year and, personally, I am really looking forward to see what the next three designers have in store for us all.  In the meantime, please […]

Spring & LFW