Yearly Archives: 2016

We have had a busy yet fulfilling week at the Squiggles headquarters. From press release writing to media chasing and social media scheduling, it has been fun and manic as usual. We wouldn’t have any other way of course but we do treasure quieter times as well. Times when we go out and […]

Our week in pictures

Miss Squiggles is not, ever, fully capable of relaxing. She makes lists when doing Yoga. She wakes up at 3 AM, checks her emails and even replies (lucky you). She has a co-working desk for when she finishes her full-time work. I am a modern workaholic cliché. I am not proud. […]

Hello, Comfort Zone!

We all know the feeling: first, the rush. We have a nice idea. We are going to go viral. Then, the panic. Journalists don’t get back to us. They are not interested. The press-release starts to sound rubbish. You lose confidence. What did possibly go wrong? Of course, there are […]

How NOT to get PR coverage in 3