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Lucy Van Pelt’s 6 life lessons

Miss Squiggles loves The Peanuts. Of course  she adores Charlie, Patty, Sally and Schroeder but, Lucy, Lucy Van Pelt has a lot to teach.

Lucy is strong, opinionated and she has crazy curly hair. Miss Van Pelt is a modern woman and a little girl; a romantic, a cynic and an amazing ‘psychiatrist’.

So please have a look at Lucy Van Pelt’s six life lessons now.

1) You should be ready to face consequences if you ‘accidentally’ destroy someone else’s ‘work of art’

image by Charles M. Schulz


2) Love your siblings dearly especially if it’s December.

image 3 by Charles Schulz

3) Know your limits

image 3 by Charles M. Schulz

3) Make friends pay especially when they are…

image 6 by Charles M. Schulz

4) The ball is yours, keep holding it.

image by Charles M.

5) You can play but don’t let him have the ball. 

image 8 by Charles M. Schulz

6) Every victory is worth a celebration; especially love ones!

image 10 by Charles M. Schulz

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