Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe and I hope you are finding some happiness, some light, yes, even in lockdown. We are currently taking some time off as we plan our next editorial strategy but I couldn’t let International Women’s Day go by without posting a little article. IWD is not a day for women’s vanity or a day where women finally get the day off from all their responsibilities and enjoy a night out with the girls. On IWD we stop and reflect on women’s current condition worldwide, where we are, where we have been and where we are going. It’s a day we talk about women, it’s a day we celebrate our sisters before us, it’s a day where we remember victims of violence and those whose rights are still, today, questioned. However, we cannot talk about women if we do not include men in this conversation. Men play a fundamental role in feminism. So here is what men can really do on International Women’s Day and on any other day to help, support and celebrate the women in their life.

  1. Don’t shy away from uncomfortable issues

I have way too many male friends who shy away from awkward topics this can include domestic violence, consent and any other conversation we are not supposed to delve too much into. Just don’t. Read, research and try to find out more about it. White Ribbon Day is a great cause and a good start to understanding how important it is to include men in the narrative and how powerful their contribution could really be.

2. Share your salary details

Share your salary details with female colleagues. This is something the younger generation is finally grasping and it’s great to see young men share their salary details with their female counterparts in the workplace. It’s important, it’s fair and it just gives women a chance at being paid the same. The latest statistics say that for every £100 a man earns, a woman earns £82.70. Want to find out more? The Fawcett Society is where you need to go.

3. Don’t stay silent

Don’t condone toxic masculinity, call out people, friends and even members of your family, anyone who is anything but respectful towards women. Take a step back, demand they really understand their words and how damaging they can be. Lads, lads, lads/boys will be boys is an antiquated concept and perpetuates a misogynistic society. Hold others accountable.

4. Listen and believe

Do you know how many women don’t report abuse or rape or any act of violence because of fear of not being believed? According to a survey in 2018, about 80%. Be the person who believes a woman the first time he listens to her story.

5. Be a feminist

It’s 2021. I cannot believe I even have to say this. It doesn’t take away anything from you. It just means that you acknowledge that women are not being treated equally. It means you are ready to help, support and celebrate women.

Finally, just remember that women’s rights are human rights, there is really nothing political about that.

Happy International Women’s Day!