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Come Back!

Copyright Miss Squiggles

Copyright Miss Squiggles

Miss Squiggles lost it.

She has been searching for it everywhere, under her bed, between Emma and Mrs Dalloway, in her favourite bag, in her second favourite bag, in her yarn drawer, in her purse, especially in her purse…

It’s gone and she can’t write it without it.

If she only knew where she had put it. If she only knew where it was. What if it feels lonely, what if it’s cold and, using a GirlsShoshanna‘s expression, OMG is it warm enough?

What if I can’t ever find it again? What if it’s gone for good? I know I have been neglecting it but I have been meaning to take care of it… it’s just that I have been so busy  in the past few months…forgive me, I have been insanely busy and then my mind has been somewhere else…

I know it got jealous but it shouldn’t have disappeared like that, with no warning whatsoever…I was meant to get back to it after a while…I was meant to take it back and properly own it after a fashion…It knows I am not cut for the easy, flowery life…it should have known better…it should have known me better.

Dear Cynicism

If you’re reading this blog-post, please come back, I am begging you…I feel lost and I am pretty  sure I can’t be a non-cynical writer.

Miss Squiggles

ps: can’t believe you unfollowed me on Twitter!



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