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10 different ways to say: I LIKE YOU!

Why it’s so hard to tell someone you like that you actually LIKE him? We are not in primary school, surely all that past experience must have helped; surely it’s not the first time; and, yes,  it’s not like you are looking for anything in particular; do you even know what you’re looking for? NO.

After having a think, Miss Squiggles finally deliberated that there are at least ten different ways to tell someone you like that you actually LIKE him/her. So please have a look and feel free to leave a comment below.

1) On the walls…at school…

Fine, you can say it’s vandalism and maybe it is but can you actually not smile when you see your name inked on the walls of your gym in capital letters?

This is pure romanticism, people. Of course you would have to wash it eventually and yes, many jealous teachers will laugh at you, but you will do it with your sweet, sweet vandal and everything will be blissful.

#notasromantic if misspelt…

2) Face to Face

Ermm…Face to Face conversations can go very well or very…

Miss Squiggles: “Listen, I like you.”

The Liked One: “Well, I don’t.”

Miss Squiggles: “Are you sure?”

The Liked One: “I am quite sure.”

Miss Squiggles: “Quite?”

The Liked One: “I am sure.”

Miss Squiggles: “But if you had to choose between me and…”


3) By Text

“Hi! Had fun yesterday, you were cute, I was cute by the way I LIKE you.”

There’s a fat chance you will send the text to the wrong person or that “The Liked One” won’t see the text in time. Plus, if you don’t see his face, how can you understand how big the damage really is?

#notasromantic if you text the wrong person or add silly little jokes ‘I like you hahaha 🙂 🙂 :)’. Just creepy.

4) By Tweet

“Hey @beautiful_soul 84! Hope you had #fun last night. #ILIKEYOU.”

Everyone can see this and everyone will judge you if you don’t get an answer.

#notasromantic if you don’t know the person. #Stalking

5) On Facebook

image courtesy of wallpaperstock

Liking his pictures of his canary (Yes, canary) doesn’t mean that you like him. It only means that you like pictures and that you like canaries (yes, canaries) . Why doesn’t Zuckerberg invent the #ILIKEYOU button?

#notasromantic if you only like his canary.

6) With ‘I LIKE YOU’ Cookies or Cakes

Image from

Stress will make you eat, eat a lot, and there will be words missing: “I K U”. He won’t get it.

#notasromantic if you can’t bake.

7) With a CD with “I LIKE YOU” songs that remind him of your happy days together!

This is not my advice. This is my best friend’s pearl of wisdom. Just don’t do it, don’t give the poor bastard a CD with songs you think he will remember. He won’t. It will be awkward and you won’t see him again. Don’t blame my best friend, she is gorgeous and gets aways with pretty much everything.

#notasromantic after only two days of courtship

8) Through a common friend

Just no.


9) Youtube

It’s a bit over the top and it certainly says a lot about you and not a great deal about why you LIKE him.

#notasromantic if you can’t sing, move or do anything on camera

10) Honesty

It’s quick and it’s painful but it brings results; so whatever you choose, just be honest and you’ll be fine; and if not, move on and jump on another train!

#notasromantic if you know it’s going to be a big, FAT, NO


Miss Squiggles

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