Miss Squiggles had a perfect birthday week fuelled with hipster lunches, awesome presents and wonderful people…a week which exceeded her already very high expectations with a trip down Caroline Street for a night at Lab 22.

If you haven’t ever been to Lab 22, get your dapperiest gear out and don’t waste another minute.

You won’t probably notice it at first. It’s a small door after all and you don’t really see it in the daylight but after a certain hour, well, it’s almost impossible not to.

With its extravagant and varied cocktails, the lab is the award-winning place to visit if you happen to wander in Cardiff thirsty and in much need of inspiration.

Last night Miss Squiggles’ favourite was Lab 22 Iced Tea…gin & blackberry in the cutest vintage cup ever…


Established in 2012, Lab 22 has quickly become the centre of Cardiff’s night life. Run by the exceptional Stephen Carwardine, Lab 22 is the trendiest venue in Cardiff.

Often home of the coolest networking group in town Cardiff Young Professionals, Lab 22 is ‘the’ destination for ‘the’ events of the year including Castell Polo and Wimbledon Garden Party & BBQ.

Want to give a peek at Miss Squiggles’ birthday night at Lab 22? Have a look at some snaps now…

Friends, drinks and cupcakes at Lab 22

Friends, drinks and cupcakes at Lab 22

Miss Squiggles