On Sunday we were invited to a fabulous #CoffeeDay event.

Organised by Nespresso in Partnership with Currys and blogging network Joe Blogs, we had the chance to learn more about one of Miss Squiggles’ most passionate love-affairs (just one of them obvs)…the one she has with coffee.

We were treated to live-coffee lessons learning how to make our own latte cup while networking with brilliant bloggers. We were even double-treated to a perfect lunch courtesy of Waterloo Tea Garden and went home buzzing happily from too much caffeine…no better buzzing in the whole world.

The most important thing is that we had an amazing time but don’t take our word, have a look at some fab pictures of our wonderful #Coffee day:

It's a Coffee World!

It’s a Coffee World!


Bloggers & Guests enjoying their espresso.

Bloggers & Guests enjoying their coffee.

Lovely lunch and more coffee...

Lovely lunch and more coffee…

Guests & Bloggers, Waterloo Tea

Guests & Bloggers, Waterloo Tea


Miss Squiggles