Image courtesy of Miss Squiggles

Image courtesy of Miss Squiggles

Miss Squiggles would love to invite you all to vote for her to win the UK Blogs Awards for the lifestyle category. If she wins, she will (Click HERE if you don’t want to know more and just want to get to the VOTE part)…

1) Make the world a better place for lifestyle bloggers (we don’t just do fashion or fitness, we cover everything, guys, EVERYTHING…with a mixture of results obvs…). We save the WORLD one Instagram picture at a time.

2) Interview more and slip some videos as well…

3) Give a sappy, my space-like, speech about the meaning of blogging in 2014/2015 (without pulling off a Jennifer Lawrence and falling on/off stage, hopefully…)

4) Produce more happy-oriented contents.

5) Be nicer

6) Drink less coffee

7) Write without the influence of said coffee

8) Spell-check more

9) Read twice before publish

10) Become a groupie for The Script and write a live-tweet memoir about it…right, this would, probably, benefit Miss Squiggles only… but you get the picture….

(if all this doesn’t work I will have a picture of Ryan Gosling for every vote I receive…just saying…)

VOTE for Miss Squiggles now for the Blog Awards!


Miss Squiggles