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On the seventh day of Christmas we met…


…the lovely Sarah Stanley, director of Unique Home Stays, the only online platform which specialises in remarkable private holiday houses that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

As you know Miss Squiggles is passionate about anything that is unique, exclusive and breath-taking…she had a nice chat with Sarah and found out  that…

…no day is ever the same…


…but usually I rise early and head over to the office by 8am (which is next door to my house!), open up and start responding to emails. Once my team arrive and settle with a coffee, I organise a daily huddle at 9am where we share our positive news, what we’re working on and where we can help each other if somebody is stuck. Recently I’ve been focusing on my newest property addition to our portfolio – The Fable. I have spent the last few months creating this unique home with an interior designer and team of local builders, so most days have been spent sourcing furniture, gardening, cleaning and getting the property in tip top for our guests to stay in. Between that I have been on the search for more beautiful homes to join our portfolio, in and out of meetings and lunches with our owners, as well as being filmed for an ITV documentary on productivity in the workplace which is due to air on the 28th of January- I like to keep busy!

…meet Daydreamer on Instagram…

Dreaming of summer days at Daydreamer, Cornwall

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 ‘Just Do It’

If I’d considered all of the pitfalls, risks, employment and business regulations involved in setting up a business I don’t know that Unique Home Stays would ever have been created…


Find something you are passionate about and know why you are doing it. Personally speaking, I have found that having a wise person/mentor you trust to bounce ideas off is invaluable. Specialise, personalise, and surprise your clients by continuing to exceed their expectations.

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