We all know the feeling: first, the rush. We have a nice idea. We are going to go viral. Then, the panic. Journalists don’t get back to us. They are not interested. The press-release starts to sound rubbish. You lose confidence. What did possibly go wrong?

Of course, there are several reasons why you haven’t landed a major feature for your client but go have a look at three major PR pitfalls or in other words, HNTGC* (not to be confused with How to get away with murder or HTGAWM).

Your Press Release is:

NOT newsworthy

Is that news? Or you’re trying to distribute a purely promotional message about your company? Does it create an impact? Does it influence people positively or negatively? Is that something you would read?

NOT relevant

Not relevant to your chosen media industry. Are you trying to sell flowers to the engineering industry? Focus, research and look for publications that will find your content relevant to their sector and readers.

NOT objective

Are you using words like ‘great’ and ‘amazing’? Are you loving yourself a bit too much? Does it sound like a bad advertorial? Try to be objective. Give them facts, numbers, statistics and nothing else.


Happy PR Pitching!


*How not to get coverage.