After reading about, a new initiative which tries to bring happiness and positivity in this world by promoting casual acts of  kindness towards ourselves and the others, I decided to compile a short list about the ten things that make me, Miss Squiggles, joyful, most of the time. Please have a look and do let me know what makes you joyful.

1) Friday evenings at the cinema

(something sweet, funny and happy endings are preferred).

2) Eating bread with butter and jam

image from travelling around the world

3) Anything with my name on

4) Watching Justin Timberlake in the Suit and Tie video; wishing I was the tie.

5) The first pink flowers when Spring finally blooms

6) Reading a lovely book and then reading it again and again

7) Finding out that I am actually not that bad at learning something new

8) Unexpected mini-breaks in the country and, of course, spa treatments.

9) Goody Bags

10) Writing in my bed



Miss Squiggles