There is a lot that can be said in praise of waking up on New Year’s Day with a clear head. You may have had a delicious dinner the night before, a few drinks if you wanted to, reflected on the year gone by and decided that, actually, you were rather happy with the whole set up. The humble dinner party is becoming increasingly popular during NYE – it’s a no-brainer for those who wish to avoid sticky dance floors, celebrate the arrival of a new year with their close ones and still have time to do their full skincare routine in the evening (just us?! Okay).

Choosing not to drink alcohol is a popular choice amongst millennials, both for health reasons and in order to enjoy the benefits of a New Year’s Day sans hangover. With this in mind, we thought we’d share our top three drinks for those choosing to swap the bubbles for a soft alternative or catering for guests during NYE. Whatever you’re up to, we wish you a happy 2020 and, most importantly, a NYE celebration with no pressure – you do you honeys.

The Festive Punch – If you like your drinks a little fancy and, let’s face it, a little extra, you will love the seasonal punches offered by Belvoir. Think Cordials, Fruit Punches and Mulled Wine alternatives to throw in a bowl with seasonal fruits for your guests to serve themselves for a stress-free celebration. The best bit about these? You can serve them from the bottle or throw in your favourite tipple to add an extra kick allowing you to cater for guests with all preferences. Genius.

The Alternative for the Table – How cute are these drinks courtesy of Firefly? They come in a variety of flavours (our favourite is lemon, lime and ginger) and they’re deliciously millennial in appearance ready to complement any dining table. We love to keep these chilled in the fridge for a few hours before dinner and serve them as a fun alternative to the boring ‘red or white wine?’ debacle.

The Homemade Option – This one is for when you’re hosting a large group, can’t quite be bothered to go to the corner shop and you’ve left it super last minute (go us!). Grab a big jug or carafe, throw in some sliced lemons and ice (if you’re feeling extra, add some edible glitter – it is NYE after all) and top up with Elderflower cordial. So far, super simple right? Now, make another identical carafe but top it up with Vodka and Cava for guests who will be drinking bubbles and you have yourself a Twinkle. This is an incredibly simple yet looks-impressive-when-served type of drink to add a touch of glamour to your NYE. Most importantly, this is a great option when you need to serve an alcoholic and soft drink which look the same and almost require the same ingredients to cut costs, time and allowing an extra ten minutes to eat aall the canap├ęs.

We were recently emailed about research published by One Year No Beer which investigates Christmas ‘Shameovers’ and, in particular, millennial’s relationship with alcohol. Their YouGov Survey estimates that 87% of millennials feel guilty after a night out drinking and 31% of those aged between 25 to 34 have had a drunk argument. We hope this post gives you (our savvy readers) some fun ideas if you’re looking to reduce your consumption during NYE (hello New Year’s Day Beach Walk!), catering for friends who choose not to drink or simply wishing to add some fun drinks to your celebrations. See you in 2020, no arguments on Chippy Lane or waking up feeling guilty, okay?

Wishing you happiness in 2020,

The Squiggles Comms Team X