We went to see Barbie last night and not only our extremely high expectations were met but we also found it emotional, profound and if you are a woman, way too close to home. The plot is interesting and a nostalgic walk through Barbie’s statement clothes, dream houses and flashy accessories included. The message, however, goes a little deeper. Metaphorically, Barbie is the little girl in each and every one of us, that, one day, wakes up in the body of a teenager. From now on, she will have to fend for herself from hormones running wild, a very unpleasant first period, the male gaze and a patriarchal society that cannot quite make its mind up about what it expects from her. Margot Robbie is Oscar-worthy. She is not only perfect in every possible way but she also flawlessly interprets Barbie’s self-doubts and changes. As the movie progresses, she goes from blonde doll to incredible human. The shift is palpable and phenomenal.

Here are our 3 reasons why you should watch Barbie.

1- Helen Mirren

She is our consciousness and the narrator of the story. Her voice guides us through the plot and seamlessly lets us immerse in Barbieland. She was the obvious narrator choice. Ironic that her personal life, so fueled by independence and strength, makes her a Barbie through and through.

2-America Ferrera

Her monologue about being a woman and society expectations should be hung on the walls of every single school in the world.

We have been bringing that monologue with us every single day as we walk through dark paths at night, as we embrace motherhood or single life or as we jump on the scales after extra chocolate.

She was ‘us’, a mix of nostalgic Barbie lovers and millennial dreamers.

3- The ghost of Ruth Handler

The homage to Ruth Handler, Barbie’s creator, was touching and beautiful to see. And so was the amazing cameo of Ruth’s daughter Barbara. The final conversation between ‘Ruth’ and Barbie was emotionally delivered and reminded us all that, despite the patriarchy, Kens (despite Ryan Gosling truly being the Ken of our dreams), and gynaecologist appointments, there is still so much beauty and pink to live for.

Do we need to say more? Don’t miss Barbie this week.