There is one thing that initially strikes me about Miss Napier – she is incredibly busy but will always and absolutely make time for things that matter. Whether that’s bravely calling out and exposing the Donald Trump administration for the benefit of her 18k (and counting!) Instagram followers, donating 15 % of her sales to charity in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month or, on a more trivial note, agreeing to an interview for The Squiggles Edit straight away, it is evident that Lauren is a yes woman. Perhaps, it’s that same go-getter mentality that saw her leap from her role as a makeup artist to a businesswoman who boasts features on Vogue, Forbes and whose product is proudly retailed on Net a Porter. I am thrilled to welcome Lauren to The Squiggles Edit and hope you enjoy this quickfire style interview with Lauren’s business tips, much-coveted skincare routine and everything in between!

  • Tell us a little more about yourself and how the idea for Lauren Napier beauty came about.

I am a self-proclaimed world traveller – I love architecture, horticulture and beaches. I was on vacation when the concept for LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY struck me. I find that most of my ideas have “taken off” while I perched in a window seat cloud gazing.

  • Your business venture is relatively new yet it has received an incredible reception from Vogue to Forbes and your products are sold on Net a Porter. What is your advice for all aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?

My advice for all entrepreneurs is to take the idea and run! If you’ve got a good idea, you should pursue it. Make a clear point of difference between your product and the other products on the market. Get creative with marketing and press. Your passion for your products/brand will speak for itself, then people will do the talking for you!

  • The nights are drawing in and there is nothing we like more than a face mask and a cosy night in. What is your beauty routine?

I loooove taking it all off at the end of the day. When I have time, I begin with Shu Uemura Ultimate Cleansing Oil. Then I use the Natura Bisse Diamond Mask to peel away a layer of dead skin. I use CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER to remove the excesses eyeliner and mascara from my lashes and eyelids. Then I moisturize with Agent Nature Holy Oil and Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream. It’s a glorious ritual.

When I am racing against time to hop in bed, I reach for FLAUNT by LAUREN NAPIER. It acts as both a cleanser and serum. Its ingredients include water and Noni extracts which completely nourishes the skin while removing your makeup.

  • Who is your beauty icon of all time?

I don’t have a single beauty icon. Beauty is so many things to me. I am captivated by authenticity so I find beauty in bedhead, wrinkles, women who wear red lipstick and men with 5 o’clock shadow. I can’t pick just one!

So here we have it –  a little insight into the magical world of Lauren Napier beauty. I loved finding out and sharing Lauren’s business story and simultaneously blame her for starting another expensive beauty addiction… but that’s another story! As always, if you enjoyed the interview, want to be featured or simply fancy a good chat, you can find us on Instagram ( @squiggles_comms and @annamaria_sgueglia ) or twitter ( @squigglesblogs ).

Happy Sunday!