With Wimbledon finishing on the 12th June, here at Squiggles HQ we were left feeling a little deflated: what will we do with our afternoons from now on? What other excuse will we have to consume ridiculous amounts of Pimms and strawberries and cream? However, just because Wimbledon is over for the year, it doesn’t mean that our summer has to be too – far from it, in fact. So to celebrate that feel good British spirit and restore our moods, we decided to bake a batch of the most loved British tea time treat: scones.


For the recipe, we always use this BBC one – it’s easy, quick and tasty even if your measurements end up being a little off or inaccurate. It’s also pretty easy to customise and adapt to your needs and you could vary it by adding dried fruit or, if you’re baking for children, some chocolate chips would work nicely too. In fact, scones are super easy to make with your children on a rainy Sunday afternoon: they don’t have to be perfect (no one can accuse our scones of being pretty) but like all things made with love, they will be warm and delicious even if a little rugged in appearance.

We enjoyed our scones with some milky coffee and this delicious Sage & Lemon Myrtle Infusion we picked up at Holland & Barrett. Sage is known for its antioxidant properties and lemon is a life saver for the immune system making this infusion an all round winner especially as it smells lovely and is very relaxing, like the sort of drink you’d be given in a spa. It could also work well served cold as a cross between an iced tea and refreshing infusion.


When it comes to jam,  Bonne Maman strawberry preserve is unbeatable (and makes us reminisce of summers spent in the South of France) along with a little butter although British tradition is clear on this one: clotted cream is always much tastier.

We spontaneously made these for an afternoon at the office yet when served at the weekend, they could be made even fancier when accompanied by a glass of Pimms (or champagne!) and some strawberries on the side.


So here’s an idea for this weekend in the hope a ray of sunshine or two comes out so we can finally begin to enjoy summer!

Have a good one,

The Squiggles Team