Happy Wednesday and welcome, as promised, to our very own Halloween round up. Now, we must admit that we are not the biggest fans of Halloween here at Squiggles HQ much preferring Bonfire Night and, our favourite, the Christmas period. However, Halloween marks the beginning of the cwtchy season  – you know, the one time of the year where it is not frowned upon to wrap up warm under a blanket and a cup of tea – so we thought we would round up a few of our favourite seasonal activities. Enjoy!

The Recipe – Now, this one is a little bit of a cheat (sorry!) simply because it’s a recipe we have mentioned time and time again. However, pumpkin risotto is the best way to use up seasonal produce (favour smaller pumpkins as they tend to pack more flavour compared to the larger ones which are best used for carving) and convince children to eat vegetables as it’s simply so delicious. We love this BBC recipe just because it’s so simple.

The Opportunity to Take Some Time Out –  This time of the year just calls for a bubble bath, a glass of wine and some me time. The goodies from the Lush Halloween range are not only gorgeous and seasonal but, as always, embody the all natural / no nasties philosophy which we love to embrace.


The Seasonal Goodies – Walk into any shop or supermarket at this time of year and you will be swept up in a flurry of pumpkins, fairy lights and a selection of all the sweet goodies you could wish for! This week, we have fallen for a seasonal doughnut and aall the pumpkin spice concoctions – I mean, look at it, can you blame us?



The Night Out – Remember the school trip induced giggles back in the day? Or the surge of freedom of leaving your local town for University and embracing the unexpected? Well, Techniquest is aiming to bring back that reckless, adolescent fun for adults with it After Hours evenings. The Halloween evening promises burgers from Grazing Shed, fabulous exhibits and the chance to show up in fancy dress (that gets a double tick from us!). We hear that there may be still tickets on the door available so grab your friends and head down to the Bay – we’ll see you there!


The Outfit – Whether you’re braving fancy dress or not and whether you’re still stuck between sexy and funny (the eternal Halloween debate!), there is only one certainty surrounding your night out : you will need a small clutch bag to carry your phone, keys and money. Our client, Pepper Alley, has the perfect solution with the Clara wristlet: small enough for your essentials yet in a metallic, bold finish to complement whatever outfit you opt for. Alternatively, if you’re staying in this Halloween, treat yourself to a gorgeous Edie to hold all your pamper night essentials. Oh and remember to sign up to the mailing list on the website for an exclusive 10% discount.

pepper alley tina bolton photography--71(1)



The Shopping – Halloween falls on a Tuesday this evening and with the weekend in the middle, there really isn’t much time to sort out decorations for your home, the perfect outfit or any other shopping you may have in mind. Queue Flubit, our fabulous client – cheaper than Amazon and with next day delivery options available. When it’s so convenient, online shopping almost feels justified!

What are your Halloween plans? We’re a nosey lot so we would love to know!



Miss Squiggles HQ X