Autumn brings a variety of new and wonderful things: crunchy leaves, walks in the park, the first glimpse of tartan, the cosy nights in…yet before launching into all this thus accepting the end of summer, we were in need of a quick escape, just a few days to clear our heads and return feeling refreshed and ready to face September. A Spa break seemed like a good option and with its beauty and culture, Bath was the only option.

After hopping off the train, we were faced with this view and knew we had made the right choice.


The beauty of Bath is in the possibility of walking everywhere. We spent the morning meandering through the streets and taking in the sunshine only stopping for lunch at The Real Italian Pizza Company , a restaurant offering delicious pizza made in their wood fired oven with a tiny courtyard at the back which allowed us to bathe in the early September sunshine as we gossiped.

11948009_989249944460332_1475242013_nAfter lunch, it was time to check in at the Hotel. We stayed at the MacDonald Hotel & Spa Resort which was a little further from the City Centre and uphill – it truly felt like being away in the Countryside (although it was only a mile or so away from the City Centre) and we had the impression that here, we could truly relax. The views, rolling green grass and imposing architecture of the Hotel were truly breathtaking and made for a pretty wonderful postcard.


Luckily, the steep uphill walk allowed us to burn off some of that pizza and meant we were ready to get in our swimming costumes for a much needed paddle. We checked in and made for the swimming pool with a little detour to the Spa along the way.

Here we were led to a descending staircase to reveal an oasis of candles, music and Elemis goodies. We then had our massages where the built up tensions of the day were eased away using the loveliest oils and products. After, we made for the relaxation room where we were presented with the largest selection of herbal teas and remedies you could ever think of and tucked into the pages of travel magazines.

Almost fully relaxed, we dashed for the pools: now this is where this Hotel truly excels. There’s an inside pool, an outdoor heated Thermal Pool (our favourite), jacuzzi, aroma steam room, ice room, sauna and a few other features that make the Spa break experience truly memorable. The Thermal Pool with views over the sky and sunset is probably the closest thing to a ticket away somewhere exotic and we must admit, that as we watched the sun come down, we almost forgot we were still in the UK.

11995725_989246921127301_1762016881_nJust before dinner, we went back to our rooms to get dressed. The rooms were, again, proof of the Mac Donald Hotel being hard to beat: comfy beds, a marble bathroom which we’d just love to have at home and, perhaps the best thing, a stunning view of the countryside below providing continuous wonder as the sunset fell and night came around.

11949690_989249931127000_193267278_nNow dinner at the Hotel was a pretty important affair: we put our prettiest clothes on, added a dash of lipstick and made the most of the wonderful grounds by exploring and taking a few pictures.




11949537_989246884460638_1704496921_nThe Dining Room felt like something out of Beauty and the Beast: classical music, a piano in the corner and smiley and professional staff ready to effortlessly and breezily take you to your table.11992390_989246891127304_614254876_n

We had a three course dinner and being terrible bloggers, we didn’t manage to photograph it all yet we went for the classic favourites: Prawn and Lobster Cocktail, Chicken with a side of Vegetables and Risotto and Milk Chocolate Pannacotta with Caramelised Banana to finish. The food was delicious and made with simple ingredients, a true British affair.




We would love to say that straight after dinner we went dancing or for a midnight swim in the pool but truth is, the combined effects of the morning walk, the massages and the dinner meant we were well and truly exhausted and climbed into bed straight after dessert and coffee.

More Bath adventures and recommendations  will be on the blog later on in the month!

The Squiggles Team