There’s that moment in every season that brings a desire for change, a desire to leave behind what is old and gain a fresh perspective on the things around us. For us, one of these moments is towards the end of summer when we’re packing for our holidays, leaving behind the stuffy heat of the city in order to immerse in relaxation with our only prerogative being the aim of returning refreshed and energetic in September. That feeling of sheer positivity and hope is what inspired these pictures as, with suitcase on the floor, we began to throw the entire contents of our wardrobe on the bed in a heap of ruffled sheets and ‘organised chaos’.


These Desigual fragrances, in fact, symbolise the positivity of summer.The three fragrances, Sex, Fun and Love, represent the carefree nature of the holiday months  yet carry a fun message which goes beyond a week off work as they are designed to inspire to live life to the full, the lateral message being ‘Have sex, fun or love every day’. With modern day pressure and the constant feeling of not being good enough, a concept which encourages people to make space to have fun and feel good is one we totally agree with.



The fragrances themselves are light and not too heavy, so perfect to add to your suitcase and use as a holiday perfume as they are fresh but not overpowering. The deepest one is  Sex with its intense notes of rhubarb and red fruits placed upon base notes of musk, vanilla and wood (it’s also deep enough to use later on for that sultry, Autumn feel)  whereas Fun is the lightest with its fruity blueberry, pear and peach notes. Finally, Love, as the name suggests is the most romantic with its base notes of praline, sandalwood and tonka bean and makes us think of summer romances, sunset walks on the beach and candlelit dinners for two.


If you fancy adding one (or all) of the fragrances to your suitcase, you can find them here or use the direct links on our shop page (the beach cover up is an old number from Accessorize but it’s definitely worth having a look in the last few weeks of the summer sales for similar styles.)

From everyone at Miss Squiggles, we hope you enjoy and make the most of the final few weeks of summer and take advantage of every opportunity and chance that comes your way (on a side note , posts will be live on the blog as normal throughout August). Desigual’s motto La Vida Es Chula is a modern day Carpe Diem and after all, what’s braver than one of the fastest growing fashion houses dipping into the Beauty World for the first time?

The Squiggles Team