Every business has its story and every story has its phases. There’s the promise of the beginning, the hard work and dedication as the story progresses and sometimes, but only sometimes, there’s the plot twist following a healthy dose of reinvention. With collaborations with make up artist, Bella Beautè, the launch of a blow dry bar and a stronger social media presence, no one appreciates the power of reinvention like Claire Bellamy who has given her award winning business, Belle Toujours, a little makeover ready to build on the years of successes and hard work she shares with her team. We are delighted to catch up with Claire this weekend – for more information on Belle Toujours, you can find them right here.

Tell us about Belle Toujours. What pushed you to develop such a strong brand?

Before I had my own salon, I remember resenting the fact I had to go to different places for my nails, hair, waxing and tans. My vision was for Belle Toujours to be a luxury yet affordable ‘one – stop shop’ as so many of us have busy schedules meaning we can’t afford to be running in and out of numerous salons! My salon also had to be in the heart of the City – Cathedral Road is one of my favourite places and I love the buzz of city life that flows into my shop.

We’re leading up to Valentines Day, how can we treat ourselves and / or our partner at the salon?

At the moment, we are running a voucher of a gorgeous Elemis skin solutions facial which really boosts the skin nutritionally, leaving it radiant and plumper, as well as luxury blow dry and a glass of fizz, all for £50. It’s a saving of over £30 which we are thrilled to be offering for Valentine’s season. Of course, it’s not just the ladies we cater for – in fact, we offer massages and barber services for men. We’ve been open for six years now so we know that men don’t like too spend too long having a certain treatment, for example a back massage – for this reason, we offer both one hour and half hour appointments to suit all agendas. 

Your day to day looks incredibly busy especially with the launch of the blow dry bar and the collaboration with Bella Beautè. How do you unwind after a busy week?

After working all week in the city, I love to spend time in my home in the countryside. A perfect Saturday night to me is having my beautiful family around me, one or two glasses of wine and watching a movie.

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Wishing everyone a lovely month of February!