Christmas parties are always a funny one; there’s the inevitable office party drama Bridget-Jones style, the quick drink with friends from University or reunions with loved ones we haven’t seen in a while. For these occasions, we all rely on our treasured beauty rituals – the slick of red lipstick, the application of false lashes and, why not, an explosion of sequins for the fearless amongst us who truly embrace the glitzy season. This Christmas, however, we’re taking it back to basics and thinking about the all important routine that precedes makeup – skincare. As you know, the Squiggles Comms team and New Beauty Launches go together like Prosecco and Canapés so we are thrilled to chat with founder of Exentrique Beauty, Danika Woods, founder of Exentrique Beauty about her business venture, inner confidence and what Christmas means to her.

Tell us a little about yourself and Exentrique Beauty

I’m Danika, the Founder of Exentrique. I’m a female entrepreneur based in Cardiff & I started developing my brand in 2017. Exentrique is a hypoallergenic & cruelty free, gender neutral skincare brand, passionate about self confidence and the importance of being inclusive. 

What pushed you to start Exentrique? What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I started Exentrique with a mission to improve mental health & body image by tackling socially constructed beauty standards. I grew up with Eczema so I know how it feels to be conscious in your own skin and the impact that can have on your mental health. I want to create a brand that makes people feel good about themselves, physically as well as mentally.

Christmas is just around the corner – what are your top tips for getting party ready?

My top three tips include a great playlist, loads of glitter and to be confident in yourself and have fun!

And, finally, what does Christmas mean to you and how will you be spending the big day?

I absolutely love Christmas & throw myself into it for the whole of December! Christmas is a time to make memories and celebrate the people around me. I’ll be spending it at home with close friends, family & a gin & tonic!

So, the Christmas playlist is definitely in full swing in the office, we’ve had a few glitter explosions trying to put up festive decorations and following our e-chat with Danika, we’re a little bit in love with the concept of Exentrique Beauty. How dreamy is the packaging? We hope this interview has inspired us all a little to think about the relationships we have with ourselves and, why not, use our skincare routine as a little ritual to re-assess and check in with ourselves during this busy festive period. Danika is in process of releasing her line and is crowdfunding for her business – if you wish to find out more, you can visit and donate here.


The Squiggles Team X