It won’t be Yoga month without a personalised Yoga session by Yoga teacher & guru Karen Biles



Karen is a multi-disciplined trainer who doesn’t only offer personal training and weight management but also teach group classes. She’s a qualified Yoga instructor and Master NLP coach.

Karen has developed an exclusive Yoga routine for Miss Squiggles readers only. Fear not, it’s simple and easy and will give you the right mindset to face any early morning; yes, even monday mornings.

I will now leave you in the expert hands of Karen who will guide you through her Yoga routine.

Anyone who is unwell, injured or suffering from high/low blood pressure and /or cardiac irregularities should not start any exercise programme unless they have permission from their Doctor first.

Start your routine with Sun breath 

The Sun breath is an energising breath exercise. It has a warming effect and is good when you feel tired or cold.

Preparation:  Place the index and third finger on the bridge of your nose, use the ring finger and thumb to block the nostril you are not using.

Inhale through the right nostril then exhale through the left nostril.

Keep the breathing regular.  The inhalation and exhalation are of equal length.


Now Move to a Morning Meditation

This meditation is very calming and helps clear a busy mind.  It’s a lovely one to start the day but can be used at any time. You can perform it as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

Press your right thumb against your right index finger, middle, ring and then little finger.

When you touch your:

Index finger, say: PEACE

Middle finger, say : BEGINS

Ring finger, say: WITH

Little finger, say: ME


Progress to your Morning Yoga Wake Up routine in 8 steps



1. Start by standing in Mountain pose.

2. Move into a squat position – weight in the heels, light in the toes.

3. Go into a forward bend.

4. Step back right and left to go in Downward facing dog.


5. Step right foot back through to hands and position back foot for Warrior One.

6. Fold forward. Return to downward facing dog.

7. Step back foot to front foot into a forward bend.

8. Move into squat position and return to standing Mountain.

*Once completed repeat sequence but starting on the alternate leg for a full body stretch. 


Thanks so much, Karen. Fab to have you on!

For more info about Karen Biles please visit her website,

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Miss Squiggles