Plan your post-lockdown ‘exit outfits’ based on what’s going viral

From chart-topping music to increasing the sales of an ice cream brand by 700%, TikTok continues to rewrite the social media landscape.

With so much influence, it’s also, unsurprisingly, a hotbed for fashion trends. But, with so many users, it can be hard to know what’s trending until it’s fully viral. But don’t worry; here at WatchPilot, we’ve found TikTok’s top fashion trends by analysing the top fashion hashtags and their corresponding number of views.

So, whether you want a complete trending wardrobe refresh or you want to start planning your post-lockdown exit outfits, take a look at which fashion trends are going viral.

1 Bucket Hats (187.4 million)

Whether it’s from a sports brand or maybe with a floral print (more on that later!), bucket hats are continuing to force their way into our summer wardrobes.

2 Mom Jeans (179.6 million)

They might not be a radically new trend but, as another high scorer, mom jeans are very much here to stay according to the world of TikTok fashion. Heading into the summer months, mom jean shorts might be the better option to allow you to enjoy that great British sunshine though… fingers crossed!

3 Halter Tops (31.9 million)

They’ve seen popularity in the 50s, 70s and 90s, so it was about time for halterneck tops to come back into fashion. The perfect sunny weather top!

4 Crochet Bag (28.9 million)

With Bottega Veneta’s designer version costing several thousand pounds, many people have been choosing to make their own crochet bag during lockdown, so it’s no surprise to see crochet bags going viral this summer.

5 Floral Dress (8.4 million)

As Miranda Priestly famously withered, “florals for spring” might not be the most “groundbreaking”, but floral patterns are everywhere this summer. From mini dresses to bikinis, t-shirt prints to trousers, floral patterns are big news this summer.

6 Gingham (6.9 Million)

As second-hand finds and fashion crafts dominate TikTok, gingham, with its vintage vibes, is back in fashion. Whether it’s striped, check or plaid, gingham is a popular choice for dresses, collars, scrunchies and even make-up looks. In fact, since March, this hashtag has grown by an impressive 2.5million views.

7 Go-go boots (4.9 million)

The 60’s called and they’re bringing go-go boots back! Emerging in 1964, go-go boots were a symbol of the groovy 60’s and 70’s, and now they’re taking over TikTok fashion too!

8 Sweatshorts (4.8 million)

Athleisure may have reached an unprecedented peak in 2020, but sweatshorts are as popular as ever, with both men and women’s styles this summer seemingly focusing on what’s comfortable to wear instead of the most stylish.

9 Nike Blazers (4.5 million)

Nike Blazers are TikTok’s trainer of choice! Whether in a summer style forecast or in the latest TikTok craze involving your dog, the shoes seem to be everywhere. Originating as shoes for basketball players, the high-top trainers are often seen as a comfortable – and perhaps more affordable – alternative to Nike Air Jordans.

10 Knit Cardigans (3.2 million)

It wouldn’t be a British summer if there wasn’t also the potential need for some knitwear! While we’re all hoping for some blisteringly hot weather, the nights can get a little chilly and the good people of TikTok have chosen knit cardigans to keep you warm on those evening summer strolls.