We spoke to business coach Charlotte Balbier, yes that Charlotte, the one who created the number one bridal collection with the same name. A #GirlBoss living in Cheshire, a mummy, wife and a businesswoman who achieved a multimillion pound turnover, someone we had to have on The Squiggles Edit.

We had a look at her Instagram and decided to ask her about inspiration, luck and gratitude. A perfect pick-me-up read for our Monday, have a look below and Happy Monday:

“How important is it to have a plan for the new week ahead in your job line?”

So important to have a plan for the week ahead. I get down on paper a ’to do list’, I love to still put pen to paper in my work journal. I then put all the big things like meetings, commitments and personal appointments into my google diary and colour code these so it’s easy to see what my week looks like. I then daily have a list in my journal in priority that I have to commit to getting done. If I don’t plan and get things down they stay in my head and I get distracted into doing other things.

“What do you mostly feel grateful for these days?”

Number one is most-definitely my baby boy Harry. He is our miracle baby after failed IVF and a long road to get him, he was a miracle baby that we got despite the odds being against us. He is the most wonderful and precious gift and not a day goes by where I don’t take a moment to be grateful for being his Mummy. I also feel so grateful for having the knowledge, experience and clarity to allow me to now be on a new career path.

“How do you define productivity?”

Getting stuff done and being accountable for what you set out to do. So easy to say what you are going to do but doing it is what gets results.

“Do you believe in fortune? Please tell us about a particular moment in your life when you have felt lucky.”

I am not sure I believe in good luck, I believe we make our own luck. If you think positively and put out the universe what you want to attract, you will get it. Some confuse this with people ‘always having good luck’ but they will be living their life with a positive outlook, allowing themselves to attract ’the luck’. Think it, believe it and make it happen. People don’t win the lottery by accident they have to actually enter it. Life is the same, we have to play the game so to speak. I know this all might sound a bit cosmic but I promise it works… try it!

“How/Where do you find inspiration?”

Inspiration is all around us we just have to open our minds to it. This can be tricky as people live such busy lives, so it’s so important to make the time to allow ourselves to be inspired. Dependent on what I need to get done different things and places inspire me. I work in a co-working private members club the majority of the time and I love it as I am surrounded by successful like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs like myself. If I am needing a less corporate environment to really dig deep into my creative side I find a spa day on my own being a great way to unwind the mind and allow the creativity in. I also listen to podcast of inspirational women who fire me up and get me thinking. If I am having a creative block and lacking inspiration I take some time out from whatever I am doing and hit the gym or the never fail, hit the shops!

*Pictures courtesy of Charlotte Balbier