As we strive to eat less processed food in 2023, we have come up with a simple recipe for Pancake Day. We don’t normally say this but it’s not only good but also really simple to make.

Have a look below and let us know your thoughts:


1 banana

2 table spoons of flour

1 egg

Half a glass of almond milk

Butter(a teaspoon for the pan)


Chop the banana and mix it with the flour, the egg and the milk. For this stage, I like to use my shake blender as it’s quick, efficient and easy to clean. Once the mix is ready, grease the pan or the Teppanyaki grill (which is a much easier solution for basically every single thing in your life) with the butter and pour two spoons of batter right into your pan of choice. Once the pancakes bubble, flip them with a spatula. Check the hob temperature as it’s easy to burn them.

Serve them hot with maple syrup and/or cinnamon sugar.