Making unique AI artwork available to everyone

10 June 2021, London, United has today launched the first ever large scale non-fungible token (NFT) art collection created solely by artificial intelligence (AI). The collection is bringing together the three separate verticals of AI, art, and blockchain, with the company releasing 11,111 unique and original pieces today.

Creating art with AI has only been possible for four years as the computing power can now reach levels which enable us to run the latest deep neural networks at sufficient speed, and scientists have been able to find algorithms to create unique and original images. AI allows us to vastly expand the creative possibilities of artists and to potentially generate an endless number of art pieces. The role of the artist shifts to become curatorial since it is then also their decision to choose the best pieces among all those proposed by the AI.

Brother Hash, Project Lead at said, “Although there have been many recent successful NFT projects, the art tends to be repetitive for large collections. We at are using deep neural networks and state of the art computer science and mathematics to create exciting art for the crypto generation. Most importantly as this project will be the first to use AI extensively, each piece will be unique.”

“This will be a showcase for the exploratory approach to art and will demonstrate that the imagination capabilities of AI could already be beyond that of humans. Despite that, it’s also crucial to remember that this is still a tool and the artist’s preferences and emotions are the drivers of the end result.” is a landmark NFT collection since it leads the way for the years to come as more art projects continue to use AI. The pricing for Hashers tokens starts at 0.1ETH and doubles progressively, following a fair random distribution model. NFTs will be available for sale from today at This project marks an opportunity to explain to the art world that technology can now offer them new tools for their creativity, and that they can be at the avant-garde of art by seizing this opportunity to create differently.