Did it just stop raining for five seconds? Rose here, everyone. I am writing this post on what feels (but isn’t) like the first Sunday of the year with a little ray of sunshine. We have just gone on a little walk to Insole Court and we are looking at the new week with mixed feelings. It’s the second week of January, it’s time to finally kick off the new year’s hectic life and general stress or is it? Personally, to me, to us, this is a time I can only describe as being a hybrid between being in fully-operative mode and still taking it easy, properly easing into the new year. We are not exactly rushing to our old stressed self just yet and perhaps we are not going to.

After all, there’s still some festive chocolate penguins in the fridge and one last mince pie to have before reality fully resumes, it will be rude not to make the most of it. To help with the transition, here are three things I most look forward to in the next couple of weeks. I hope they will offer some insight, help and bring you a little joy.

Here are my top three things of the week:

Dear, Coco

Image courtesy of Vogue.fr

Legend tells us about the day she died, doing so with the most perfect words on her lips:

“See, Celine,” she said to her maid. “This is how you die.”

It’s unbelievable to think that this little French lady, with little education and no money, was responsible for creating one of the most solid brands and Maisons in the world (expected to end the financial year having doubled last year’s profits). It’s also more unbelievable that she has been gone for 51 years. Today we mark the anniversary of mademoiselle Chanel’s death by remembering the beautiful exhibition held in Ca Pesaro Venice in 2016. Straight from our nostalgic vault, the exhibition “La Donna Che Legge” (The Woman Who Reads) looked at Chanel’s personal belongings, possessions and letters highlighting Coco’s most personal items including books, letters and works of art. It was an intimate approach to the designer and an art exhibition about her life as told through different texts, a lovely way to celebrate the things that inspired her the most.

Tell us all about your mistakes

We asked three wonderful women about the mistakes they are not going to repeat in 2022 and those they were almost too glad to make last year. This is something that made us think about our own mistakes (we certainly made a few!), follow our stories this week to find out more.

Curating our own well-being routine

This year you will also find us trying different mindful and fitness activities to create a well-being rather than a fitness routine. We want to put together something that is bespoke to our needs and preferences. I am going to start by trying three different meditations this week and report back. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by dropping us an email. Also, any meditation tips would be highly appreciated!

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