With summer, there is a certain desire to downsize your beauty bag with a few products which you know will do their job and go that extra mile. A way to do this is to begin your beauty routine in the shower with products that will work extra quickly to save you time in the morning (and allow you to sleep that little bit longer!).


One of these is the new St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion. This product has only recently launched yet has already managed to create a buzz in the beauty world as it’s super easy to use and a softer alternative for those of us who aren’t regular fake tan users. You apply it in the shower, leave it on for three minutes and then rinse it off resulting in a very speedy fake tan application. Although it’s not very intense and requires a few applications to get a visible glow, it’s a great product for fake tan beginners and leaves the skin super soft without the dreaded ‘fake tan smell’.

Another recent beauty launch consists of the Aussie Body Wash range. We have tried Fresh Mate which is made which Eucalyptus extract so is ideal for an early morning boost before work as it leaves the skin refreshed and energised. Again, skin is left soft and smelling gorgeous – in fact, this body wash is somewhat addictive and we’re looking forward to a repurchase.

What are your in shower beauty essentials? And how do you save time in the morning to get that much needed beauty sleep? Do share your secrets with us!

The Squiggles Team