With less than two months before Christmas, it’s almost time to finally think about presents…but before we get there, could we go for one last personal shopping tour to celebrate the autumn season?

After all, aren’t we perfectly entitled to buy something nice for the perfect autumn style? Yes, we definitely deserve a shopping trip , potentially a guilty-free one.

Miss Squiggles loves online shopping and she was absolutely thrilled when the lovely team at MultiBargainsDeals.com invited her to  check out their new website.

MultiBargainDeals.com is an exceptional online shopping platform offering just a bit of everything from daily household items to fashion and high-tech electronic devices at exceptional prices. We had a look at their women’s section browsing through their fashion, jewellery and accessory collection.

This great platform also gives you the chance to design your personalised items by simply uploading your own design… I can definitely feel a new Miss Squiggles line coming up soon.

Please have a look at our favourite autumn must-haves brought to you by MultiBargainDeals.com:

photo 2

Knitting Sweater, £7.75, available from www.multibargaindeals.com 

A cute sweater, because it’s autumn and because, much like Alice in Wonderland, we’re always on the lookout for the white/brown rabbit of course. It’s perfect when it gets chilly and you just want to relax with a good book.

attachment-1White blouse is £3.65 and and Blue blouse is £5.04. Necklace is £4.56.

An Eiffel tower, vintage-like, necklace chain because Paris is always a good idea. This bronze chain is a perfect necklace choice to go on a simple open cardigan or nice long sleeved blouses.

I love these two adorable blouses; they are definitely the most stylish option to liven up your work skirts or play it easy and cool with your favourite jeans.

photo 1

A new tartan scarf in pink. £4.15.

There’s no such a thing as too much tartan in autumn or winter. This new pink scarf is a more romantic alternative and definitely something that would make any outfit ready for the best season of all.


What are you waiting for? Bag your autumn deals now.

Please visit www.multibargaindeals.com for more info and enjoy your guilty-free shopping.