MARIKRINA is an eco-fashion brand that speaks to women in a very feminine yet edgy way. Its clean, sharp and sexy cut makes it the perfect style signature for determined women who are never afraid of having strong voices and last words on pretty much anything.

Miss Squiggles spoke to Marie Kristina Carlsson, founder of MARIKRINA about Space, her latest collection at Ecoluxe 2014, and learnt that…

 Spotlight is on silk

For this collection my focus has been on silk dresses. With the idea that you can wear your MARiKRiNA dress for any occasions… all depending on how you choose to style it. I often carry my dresses with a pair of trousers, jacket and flats during the day; and then after office hours, I  get rid of the trousers, change shoes and bag and easily make my outfit more glamorous for any special evening occasion.”

Image courtesy of Marikrina

Space was inspired by a famous florist’s exhibition in a Swedish castle

Image courtesy of MARIKRINA

The colours and the shapes of the flowers and the leaves, with a special focus on the spaces between the leaves, are the inspiration for this collection. The base is black with colour splashes. The result is a unique, sharp and interesting look that is specific for MARiKRiNA.”

Image courtesy of MARIKRINA

Women fall in love with our aesthetics

“We have customers from many different ages and occupations, from 16 to 70. Many of them are career women with social, active lives and they appreciate a well-made garment which hasn’t been mass produced.”

Image courtesy of Marikrina

Eco fashion was never a choice but a must to build the label on good values

“MARiKRiNA is built on an ethical production and we only work with manufacturers, mainly smaller, exclusive ateliers, based within the EU, where all workers receive a fair salary and have good working conditions. We also source the material from high quality weavers within the EU. Another aspect is that each MARiKRiNA piece is made to last for a very long time due to the impeccable sewing and the choice of material. I believe that we all need to change how we shop and consume [buy fewer items with a longer life cycle and made in an ethical and sustainable way]. So for me eco fashion is about creating beautiful things in a beautiful way.”

Thank you very much, Marie Kristina. Good luck for Ecoluxe 2014.