Image courtesy of Sonya Kashmiri

Sonya Kashmiri is a worldwide appreciated, eco fashion designer. In 2008 she created a sustainable accessory label and since then she has exhibited at both London and Paris Fashion weeks.

Her beautiful collection focuses on structure, shape and symmetry using only natural and organic materials such as Italian chrome free leathers. Sonya is a talented designer and an eco fashion role model, that’s why Miss Squiggles is extremely proud to have her on her blog to talk about eco tips, dinner tables and fashion icons.

Image courtesy of Sonya Kashmiri

The best thing about sustainable fashion…

“[sustainable fashion] that is changing the way people think about fashion, from the designer to the producer, the  buyer, and finally the customer.”

How to go green without breaking the bank

“Shopping at Vintage shops or charity shops is a good way to keep prices down or do a clothes swap party with friends.”

Eco fashion in four tips

1) “Look at your wardrobe and search for the Gaps.”

2) “Try to fulfil them by buying Quality products that will last a long time.”

3) “Scout for Designer sales.”

4)…”and be Selective with what you are buying, it might still be in your wardrobe in five years.”

Most looking forward to see at LFW 2014…

“I am always interested to see the NEWGEN exhibition.” [Founded in 1993, the New Generation exhibition created a new hub for new designers to showcase and promote their work]

Favourite Fashion Piece… 

“A Margaret Howell Jacket that I have had for nearly six years.”

and Fashion Icon…

“The stylish and feminine Cate Blanchett.”

An eco Fashion Designer’s style in three words…

“Mainly classic, utility with a slight twist…”

Guest who’s coming to my ideal dinner…

“To be honest I would probably mix it up a bit and have Russell Brand, Leonardo di Caprio, Roksanda IIincicMargaret Howell, Tom Ford, Sidise Babett Kundsen ( Bridgette from Borgen) and Sofia Helin ( The Bridge).”

Yes, we would quite enjoy that! Is Miss Squiggles invited right?

Thank you, Sonya.

Miss Squiggles