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Miss Squiggles Attends The Hubbard’s Cupboard Night

Miss Squiggles has her favourite spots in every city but Cardiff, Cardiff is Miss Squiggles’ heart and soul.

The Hubbard’s Cupboard is not only Miss Squiggles’ favourite vintage boutique in Cardiff but also a resource of continuous inspiration and ideas. That’s why she was absolutely thrilled to join the team @ The Hubbard’s Cupboard for their amazing Re-Launch night on Friday; even more so when she found out that the new shop is just opposite Robyn Coles’ new millinery boutique, another favourite of Miss Squiggles. She will be spending so much more time in the arcades from now on…

After receiving a Choco-Invite from the team at The Hubbard’s Cupboard, Miss Squiggles’ expectations were over the moon and beyond…

Let’s just say that the night exceeded her expectations and that she had a fab time; after all she was in a shop with cakes, champagne, vintage fashion and stationary for almost two hours; the all experience was meant to make her super excited and a bit hyper.

But just don’t take Squiggles’ word for it, have a look at the pictures of the night below and don’t forget to pay a visit at The Hubbard’s Cupboard in Castle Arcade.

We started the night with some amazing macaroons and champagne in tea-cups…Then we got to listen to the amazing Catrin Wyn Southhall….

And, of course, we had the chance to give an exclusive peek at the new shop…

Miss Squiggles had a wonderful time. The Hubbard’s Cupboard is soon going to be Cardiff’s most treasured vintage gem and Miss Squiggles will be back soon for more vintage fun!


Miss Squiggles

PS: Did I mention we also got to take home a “too vintagey to be true”, amazing goody bag? Have a look at what we found inside…



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