It’s a hot May day, we’re in Cardiff’s latest indie bar and we can hardly contain our excitement. People show their tickets to bouncers proudly and gingerly mix themselves into the crowd. Those left behind look curiously asking themselves what’s going on while those who get in can hardly believe they made it in the first place. Tickets sold out in only 23 seconds after all.

It’s like we have all been let in into a secret. It’s all so mysterious and exclusive you can’t quite believe we didn’t even have to pay for our tickets.

Ignite, Porter's Cardiff

Ignite, Porter’s Cardiff

Soon the place is full of a mixed bunch of thirsty people heading to the bar for the promised FREE drink which, frankly, is a blessing.

Image courtesy of Ignite Cardiff

Image courtesy of Ignite Cardiff

Run by a team of six creative people , Ignite Cardiff is the most popular event of the Welsh Summer.

If you are not familiar with the format, Ignite is an event held in over 100 cities in the world where speakers are simply and bravely asked to share their personal and professional passions using 20 slides over just five minutes. It’s a challenge, a very powerful, wordy one.

Miss Squiggles makes her way to the bar, gets herself a diet coke and goes to the back. It’s a stand-up show and ‘differently tall’ Squiggles can hardly see the stage. Gently pushing now and then, she finds herself a safe spot just in time for the first speaker to start.

The first speaker turns out to be Liz Griffiths talking about being a shopaholic. It’s fun and the perfect way to start. Miss Squiggles empathises more than she wishes.

Speaker after speaker, Miss Squiggles learns about the fantastic, eloquent Dan Mitchell and his ‘Animal Superfreaks’, Noreen Blanluet talking about co-production, Ed Killingback‘s Creativity and Vulnerability and many other, differently awesome perspectives on pretty much everything else…

…including Amber Bell‘s “Why Disney set me up with false expectations of adulthood”.

Amber wears a tiara like a princess and takes a selfie with the audience giving Bradley Cooper and co a run for their money.

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She also owns the stage fiercely, makes us laugh and generally gives us another good reason to talk about Disney.

Everything else goes in a flash. It’s all incredibly selfless -prizes are given away like sweets and there’s free drinks – and interactive, everything is optimised, twitterised

It’s like you’re six and you take home a goody bag from your friend’s party. You’re not sure if you’re going to like everything but it just gives you that feeling of exhilaration and contentment. Ignites gives you a broad spectrum of other people’s thoughts and opinions. It’s ignited in the name and truth – it’s passion, it’s enthusiasm and that little more.

Miss Squiggles had an amazing time at Ignite Cardiff and she looks forward to the next event in two months time.

Now excuse me but I better go refresh the Ignite website from now on if I want to beat the competition and bag a ticket…

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Ignite Cardiff is a free event and rely on the help of its wonderful sponsors. If you’re interested in speaking or sponsoring please do get in touch with the team at

Ignite Cardiff is currently sponsored by Porter’s Cardiff, Karolo, Golley Slater Cardiff, The One Mile Bakery, Chapter, Compass Media Relations and Ebbw Media.