There’s no place like the Park Plaza. We were recently invited to try the Hendrick’s Gin Afternoon Tea and it was Miss Squiggles meets Gossip Girl all over again. Or at least we tried. The Gin didn’t help.


It was myself and my sister attending (the pen behind all the posts signed Squiggles Team) and we couldn’t help but feel a little like Blair and Serena as we stepped into the plush reception area of Cardiff’s number one hotel. We met on a late Friday afternoon where the Hotel still felt a little quiet before the wave of post work drinks creating that Gatsby -esque haze as we slipped into a secluded area of the bar trying not to giggle as we both simultaneously recognised a local television personality.



We were presented with a rich menu of cakes, scones and a variety of tea we haven’t ever heard of. A lovely waiter told us a bit about the afternoon tea and the Hendricks celebrations. We promptly told him that we like to celebrate with Hendricks almost once a week at our household but no, he didn’t get the joke and instead filled a tea pot with, and I am not joking, the most amazing cocktail (which is just as good really). The cocktail consisted of Hendrick’s gin (of course) mixed with Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice and soda. We must try to recreate this at home because let’s put it this way, you haven’t really tried Hendricks until you try this cocktail. You think you have but you haven’t.


So we sipped cocktails, gossiped and talked for ages in that sisterly way where you manage to talk about everything and nothing all at once until the big tower made its entrance and the cakes arrive. There’s nothing comparable to the moment when you see those beautiful cakes with your scones and sandwiches, all packed and presented so beautifully…it’s truly magical – or was that the gin?


As usual, the cakes and the scones were to die for. We loved the gin jelly and the macaroons and there was nothing like the strawberry tart. One thing is for sure, the Park Plaza puts Marie Antoinette’s patisserie baker to shame.



To find out more about The Gin Afternoon Tea, you can find them here and it’s worth giving the hotel a call and booking before you go.

Miss Squiggles x