Miss Squiggles loves new accessories brand Liliputians. Isn’t it just amazing when a new brand lands and it just feels right?

Liliputians is a refreshing perspective on the accessories world. It’s new and Miss Squiggles hasn’t felt this kind of brand love ever since she discovered Claire’s when she was about 8…

Launched just a few weeks ago, Liliputians is taking the fashion world by storm with its quirky accessories.

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With a great team with passion and years of experience, Liliputians is the brand to go to if looking for anything trendy or just unusual.

Its hairbands are quickly taking the heart of many fashion bloggers out there including Miss Squiggles who has been showing her green hair band around for weeks now.

Liliputians sent Miss Squiggles a beautiful green hairband and she has proudly worn on many social occasions already. She loved it so much she planned her whole outfit around it and she kept doing it for several days; yes, she wore a lot of green.

Thing is Miss Squiggles loves hairbands and she looks forward to seeing Liliputians conquer the world one hairband at a time.

Over to you now? Are you wearing a Lilliputians’ hairband? Take a selfie today and share it with Miss Squiggles and Liliputians.

Please have a look at the following pictures and for more info don’t forget to visit or their Twitter page now.


Green Hairband, Lilliputians, £32

(Product gifted by the brand)

Miss Squiggles