image 1 from Prada

Have you seen the Prada Candy movie yet?

If you are not familiar, please have a look at the video below.

If you are, you will know that Prada has released a movie to promote ‘Candy’, its new fragrance.

Prada decided to go for a promotional, short movie with a proper story-line and well-rounded characters.

Presented by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, this short movie sees lovely Candy (beautiful Léa Seydoux) as the love interest of two best-friends who are equally charming and funny.

The colours, the story and the characters are fresh, lively and a pleasure to look at and yes, you can almost smell the fragrance because of the easy, fascinating and, nevertheless, entertaining world that is Prada Candy.

You get the feeling of what ‘Candy’ is really like and why you should love it; the message is quite clear: there should be a little bit of ‘Candy’ in every girl and every girl deserves to be Candy at least once in their life.

All this without mentioning the fab soundtrack; something retro and sexy, something to die for…something Jacques Dutronc.


Miss Squiggles