Miss Squiggles’ favourite places in Cardiff

When days are blue and there is nothing that can cheer her up, there is only thing Miss Squiggles can do: she needs to pay homage to her favourite places in Cardiff. They do the trick most of the time; a bit like Linus Van Pelt‘ s blanket but with tea and cakes.

Jasper Tea-Rooms

Miss Squiggles loves the village of Llandaff. She loves the little shops and she loves the beautiful Cathedral. But what she loves even more is Jasper Tea-Room. With mouth-watering pies and homemade cakes, Jasper is one of Miss Squiggles’ favourite places in Cardiff. Even its old-fashion interiors are somewhat captivating and the back garden is just the icing on the cake on sunny days. Jasper’s Segafredo coffee also makes Miss Squiggles very happy and very hype; she takes it with one sugar and far too much cream.

Castle Coch

Is there a better place to visit in Wales? Probably not. Miss Squiggles is a big fan of Castle Coch. This Victorian fantasy castle was restructured by the architect William Burges and John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, the third marquess of Bute. The final result is unbelievable and Miss Squiggles’ favourite room is The Drawing Room with the Aesop’s fables on the walls and the three Fate divinities.

Hubbard’s Cupboard

Cardiff wouldn’t be Cardiff without its beautiful arcades and Miss Squiggles knows and appreciates that. A recent discovery of hers has been Hubbard’s Cupboard, a lovely vintage shop selling a bit of everything from fashion to wedding accessories and stationery; although calling the Hubbard’s Cupboard just a vintage shop might be a bit reductive. This is where vintage magic happens; this is where a lovely young lady can make your vintage style emerge by making exquisite handmade creations. ┬áDon’t you believe Miss Squiggles? Have a look at the beautiful 20s inspired wedding dress in the window shop and dream on.

Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Miss Squiggles believes that there isn’t such a thing as having ‘too many tea-rooms’ in one city only; after all one has to tried them all in order to get a feeling of the best ones. The Pettigrew Tea-Room is one of the best ones and Miss Squiggles knows that. She loves owner David and admires the fact that he changed his life in order to bake free (he used to be a Director of Sales) ; she loves the beautiful natural setting of Cardiff Castles and Bute Park and she loves Pettigrew’s fruit scones with cream; Miss Squiggles has never tasted a better cream.

Chapter Arts Centre

Let’s face it we don’t know where we would be without The Chapter Arts Centre. First of all we wouldn’t see as many good but niche films as we do; we wouldn’t know there is such a thing as a proper Chapter Burger; and, of course, we wouldn’t know about many and different events like the Art Car Bootique Fair.

That’s all for today, folks. Before you leave make sure you tell Miss Squiggles all about your favourite places in Cardiff…

Have a great day,

Miss Squiggles