Last month we had the pleasure to work with an amazing App, Izi.Travel.

Izi Travel is a new digital App for travellers and tourists. Thanks to Izi.Travel, people have the chance to have museum and city tours straight on their mobile phones for free.

Being a slightly obsessed shopping lover, Miss Squiggles worked on a Milan Shopping Tour for the Izi Travel company as part of Miss Squiggles Communications.

IZI.travel logo (cyan)

She had the chance to find out more about Milan’s fashion history and brilliant concept stores like 10 Corso Como.

Please have a look at a small extract of our tour below and for more information please visit Izi.travel.

Concept Stores, because if you’re shopping in Milan you need that little bit extra…

Walking in Milan you might easily miss them. It’s not your fault, of course.
You can be distracted by the lights and glamour of the big brands and you might easily disregard them. Despite not being as glitzy as the big names, concept stores are one of Milan’s most popular hotspots and a good excuse to browse between great items while treating yourself to a new whole shopping experience. Concept stores are a ‘must’ for any fashionistas.


10 Corso Como, because it’s a Vogue affair.

Created by former fashion editor Carla Sozzani and sister of Vogue’s editor in chief Franca Sozzani, 10 Corso Como is a virtual narrative which uses a gallery and bookshop as its pulsing, fashion heart. 10 Corso Como asks visitors to participate in a succession of social and cultural activities.

Visitors can stop for a drink at the cafe’, shop at the store or visit the bookshop and sit to read. It’s like shopping in a fashion museum but unlikely any other living fashion exhibition, you can touch and buy things.

How to get there:

10 Corso Como is a 4 minutes walk from Piazza Garibaldi’s Metro-stop.

Hipshops, because hip shopping must be on your tour

If you’re not familiar with Hipshops you will just need to know that it’s a young entrepreneurial concept founded with the intention to create and promote social platforms for the modern user needs. Hipshops aim to gather different type of shops from around the world from clothes to electronic gadgets or fine cheese. They have built an innovative reputation worldwide thanks to their quality merchandise, original and inspiration design, fabulous staff and highly recognisable shop’s identity.


In Milan they own six concept stores; all with their own individual personalities, and bold, shopping presence. From fabric-focused Aspesi in Via Montenapoleone to street-wear goods Dictionary in Porta Ticinese, HipsShops bring something new and absolutely exclusive to the Milan’s shopping scene.

Our favourite?

The Wait and See in Via Santa Marta, because you just have to wait and see…

Housed in an 18th century former convent, Wait and See was founded by fashion and design consultant Uberta Zambeletti. The store is defined as being a multi-faceted aesthete and a reflection of Zambeletti’s personal and professional life.

It showcases and sells women’s wear with a great assortment of clothing, accessories, jewellery, stationery and vintage pieces sourced worldwide from the UK to California. Moreover, the place serves as a perfect gallery with artists and designers hosting ever since its inauguration in 2010.

How to get there

The Wait and See store is at only 7 minutes from the Missori Metro Stop. 

Visit Izi.travel for more info about our shopping tour and to find out more about this new amazing digital App.

Miss Squiggles