Miss Squiggles loves Yoga. She loves the way she feels after a Yoga workout (yes, it’s a proper workout, guys)…she walks straighter, she feels taller and her body shape finally feels harmonious and perfect (well, sort of).

That’s why Miss Squiggles loves Wellicious, a Yoga-wear brand which is both eco-sustainable and beautiful…

Miss Squiggles talked to Heike Schnell, Wellicious‘ founder and found out that…


Wellicious is an eco-friendly GOTS certified brand with a luxury edge

“We specialise in yoga, Pilates and loungewear and have an international sales base. Our new AW14 collection smashes expectations and pushes through into modern styles and contemporary designs. With mesh panelling and an amazing mimic print, similar to that of an Octopus’ ink, the new collection is going to excite and inspire customers.”

Wellicious is stylish yet classic

“We create trends and designs that can be worn in the studio and perform to an extremely practical level. However, because they combine stylish designs with this level of functionality they are also perfect to be worn outside of the studio.”

Image courtesy of Wellicious

Eco fashion is vital, it is the very reason Wellicious exists!

“I initially went to China to scope out manufacturers for the brand when I first started Wellicious, and it was there I decided that actually I had a great responsibility to create something which would help the planet, not destroy it. That is why every day we are working towards a more and more sustainable brand, we have just officially received our official GOTS certificate to show that Wellicious is Globally recognised as an Organic brand. I have three beautiful daughters and I know that Wellicious, as well as the rest of the world, has a duty to protect their future planet.”

Thank you, Heike. Do you want to learn more about Wellicious? Visit their website now.

See you @ Ecoluxe 2014.

Miss Squiggles