Impeccable, Powerful, Emotional: All these words appear meaningless when describing what I witnessed last night at the St. David’s Hall in Cardiff with Only Men Aloud.

8 artists, each of them with their own extraordinary personality, brought to the stage a sublime concentration of music, christmas vibe and soul. 8 men and their voice, the way a live performance should always be, the way music should always be:

reason goes, heart follows…

We forgot about our problems banishing away the blues and losing ourselves in what has been the best show Cardiff has seen this year.

Music has this power, you see…

Miss Squiggles’ favourite songs (see White Christmas, Ticket to Ride and Razzle Dazzle) were brilliantly performed including a wonderful cover of Blackbird.

Caruso was one of the highlights of the night as it was the guest appearance of Only Boys Aloud.¬†They boys made a beautiful rendition of Rent’s Seasons of Love and Try Again which brought the audience (and Squiggles) to tears.

It was a brilliant night and Miss Squiggles enjoyed every minute: the music, the songs, the choreography, the vibe, the audience, the talent…it was absolutely faultless.

A special thank you goes to Welsh Legend,Timothy Rhys-Evans, founder and musical director of both Only Men Aloud and Only Boys Aloud, for creating such amazing groups and doing so much for the arts.

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Miss Squiggles