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Miss Squiggles says Hello to Chucking Goat

To celebrate Yoga Month we partnered with some extraordinary organic brands to make sure you enjoyed a full month of well-being tips and goodies.

Image courtesy of Janet Baxter.

Image courtesy of Janet Baxter.

Chuckling Goat is one of our favourite organic brands. With an exclusive range which varies from beauty to house-cleaning products, drinks and so much more, Chuckling Goat is the organic brand with a difference. After conquering iconic London store Fortnum & Mason, Chucking Goat is exactly what we have been missing all along: an organic brand with integrity and love for cute, little goats…

Miss Squiggles was lucky enough to have a chat with Chucking Goat’s Captain, the lovely Shann Jones and she found out that…

 Chuckling Goat is not just a business…it’s a farm, a family and a way of life

We live on our beautiful sustainable family smallholding in south west Wales, looking out over the Irish Sea, with our children and our animals – more or less (on a good day ; ) in harmony with our community, our neighbours and our natural environment!

A typical day on the farm starts early.

We all drink some probiotic kefir first thing in the morning (keeps your energy levels high, good for physical work) then my husband Rich goes out to milk our lovely award-winning pedigreed goat herd. We have 50 goats, and they all have names, not numbers! The milk is filtered and either bottled or made into probiotic kefir with the help of one of our international helpers – we have volunteers who come from all over the world to spend a month at a time with us here on the farm. In the summer, our 15-year old Joli and our 8-year-old son Benji also help on the farm – they work hard and get paid for it! I get started answering phones, chatting with customers and filling orders, as most of our business is online. We also have one lovely employee, named Carys, who helps me in the office, and making soaps and skin creams, which we still do on the farmhouse table. In the evening we all have supper together around the 8-foot oak table that Rich made (he’s a champion wood worker, among other things) with candles and music, always!

Dinner is often fresh bread and homemade soup from our own lambs or chickens. We live inside a lovely ecosystem – we feed our goats hay, milk them to get the magical milk which we use to make our products, muck out their pens, put the muck on the hay fields, and grow the hay again to give the goats. Living on the farm teaches us how to cooperate with nature.

Their products are as good as magic

My favourite product is our Break-Out Skin Magic Lotion. We’ve just won the national FreeFrom SkinCare Award for this one and it’s the most powerful thing we make. Made by hand with a base of raw goats’ milk and probiotic kefir, it’s free from any parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes, chemicals or perfumes. It’s brilliant for eczema, dermatitis, stubborn rashes, acne, spots, cracked heels and hands. The thyme & tea tree essential oils, we add, kills acne bacteria more effectively than benzoyl peroxide; the goats’ milk penetrates the barrier of the human skin carrying natural AHAs, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals; and the probiotic kefir re-balances the beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin. Magic stuff!

Natural healing is the way forward…

Natural healing to me means that you change the way you think about your body. Conventional medicine is based on the germ theory, which was created by Louis Pasteur, and says that our bodies are sterile and that infections come from germs that get into our sterile system – kill the germ, and you get rid of the infection. But with our superior instruments today, we can see things that were invisible to Louis Pasteur – and we know that he was wrong. We are far from sterile. In fact, we are made up of only 10% human cells – the rest of our cells are complex ecosystems of different kinds of bacteria. We’re more like the Amazon rainforest inside. Natural healing means learning to cooperate with our own internal eco-systems – just the way we do on the farm.

Cute Alert:

And now get ready for some proper cuteness…

Image courtesy of Shann Jones

Image courtesy of Shann Jones

Image courtesy of Janet Baxter.

Image courtesy of Janet Baxter.


Image courtesy of Janet Baxter.

Image courtesy of Janet Baxter.

Want to find out more about Shann and Chucking Goat? Please visit their fab website or our shop page to check out Miss Squiggles’ favourites.

Remember to enter our well-being hamper competition to win some Chucking Goat’s goodies! Competition opens on Wednesday evening.

Good luck

Miss Squiggles

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