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Miss Squiggles’ Three Beautiful Things

1) Jane Austen


…because in a world that makes no sense, she always somehow does…

2) Possibility


…the feeling that everything is possible…even being shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards…Thanks again, you lovely people!

3) Hope & Cookies


…or the Christmas feeling…the world seems a better place, people are kinder and you get to eat cookies.


Miss Squiggles

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2 thoughts on “Miss Squiggles’ Three Beautiful Things

  • Ali Harrimam

    I’ve never thought of Jane Austen that way. I do love the second poster! And your right. The world seems to have lost the plot lately. Especially certain aspects of it. I hope they find their way again.

    Ali x

  • Miss Squiggles Post author

    I know. When I feel down Emma always makes me smile. Both the book and the movie. I am sure they will find their way again :). x