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Miss Squiggles’ Three Beautiful Things

1) The Ellen Show

How can you not love Ellen? She is a great communicator and extraordinary human being; she recently slammed popular fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch for stopping selling  bigger sizes (as they only want  “cool, good-looking people”) and that’s why we love her.

2) Miss Leslie’s Behaviour Book

I just learnt about it. It was tweeted and blogged on The Huffington Post yesterday. It’s a selection of funny tips for women and for men speaking to/interacting with women and female authors; it’s also dated back 1854 or something like that. I am trying to source it on eBay or amazon so  if you do find it before please do let me know. In the meantime, just have a look at a quick sneak peek below.

According to Miss Leslie:

“On being introduced to a female writer, it is rude to say that ‘you have long had a great curiosity to see her.’ Curiosity is not the right word.”

*But who’s Miss Leslie? Could she be Miss Squiggles’ new friend? That’s something I am going to  find out soon.

image from karisan media

3) Love letters

Working as a writer, I have sometimes been asked to give some writing consultation on love letters. This has been the most beautiful and romantic thing I have ever done. I listen to people’s love stories and write to their loved ones on their behalf…it doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s such a treat.

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