There’s home and then there’s The Queensberry Hotel which is pretty much the same thing.  It’s not only about the general loveliness of the staff and the grace of the beautiful building but also about that beautiful feeling of having found your perfect spot in the whole crazy world.

It’s difficult to explain but boutique hotels would do this to you. We are so used to mass-produced breakfasts, industrial looking sheets and rigid toilet paper that we have forgotten that there’s a whole world of beauty waiting to be unveiled…or maybe we haven’t forgotten…maybe it’s just that we can’t always afford the #boutiquelife.





Images courtesy of The Queensberry Hotel

As soon as I balance my big suitcase and set my unstable foot  (have you ever seen Miss Squiggles on the move? She just doesn’t know how to pack lightly) on the quirky reception floor, I am literary inundated with kindness, love and a beautiful luxury chocolate box.

I know, maybe you think I am slightly exaggerating but these people know what they’re doing and they do it well.

My room was a big blue ocean. Calm and exceptionally clean with soft pillows, white sheets and the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

Night Services are a thing at The Queensberry. So if you find your room prepared for the night (room tidier than you left, remote control out and pillows plumped) don’t panic, it’s just The Queensberry being The Queensberry.

Some extras 

Great bar, lovely garden and a fabulous staff make The Queensberry Hotel one of the best boutique hotels Miss Squiggles has ever been to. And then there’s also FREE WIFI and valet parking…do I need to add more?


I won’t be lying The Queensberry is not cheap but you can get a decent fee, mid-week or with advanced booking. Rates start from £100 but there are often offers and discounts advertised on the website. Please do visit their website for more information and enjoy your stay!

Miss Squiggles