We have been following EMpowerME sisters for a while now and adding the finishing touches to this interview throughout the month of January. You see, we had this feature planned for the start of 2020 but, in the world of email ping-pong and our overly-ambitious to-do list, you’ll be reading the wisdom these sisters have to share a little later on. Yes, you’ve got that right, Heledd and Lowri are real-life sisters and mindset coaches helping women discover their inner confidence and break up their stable relationship with negativity.

We were interested in their journey, amazed at their strength and particularly in awe of how dynamic and down to earth their approach to life-coaching is (if you don’t already, go have a look at their videos on Instagram for a serious Monday boost) so we decided to get in touch, learn about their world, their passions and how it all happened. Little did we know that we would have found such a bold duo with a just as bold message. A note on their Instagram story a few weeks back announced that the sisters were having some time to themselves following a crazy- busy phase. Funnily enough, that’s exactly how we felt at Squiggles Comms leading us to, as previously mentioned, take some time to breathe and push all posts and committments a little further back. That’s the thing about life coaches, they direct you to answers you already had within yourself. Intrigued? Take a look at our interview below.

How did you start your business journey with EMpowerME?

It all happened by chance – from taking one inspired action! One Facebook AD lead to an event, which ultimately led us to meeting our coach and getting 1:1 coaching! But looking back now there were so many serendipitous moments along the way – we know it was all meant to be! We realised that we’d both just been ticking things off a checklist (uni, job, house, relationship) and weren’t living life for ourselves! We’d both struggled on and off for years with anxiety and depression and despite seeming like we had it together – we were just in autopilot and doing what we thought we should be doing. Through our coaching, we started working on our mindset and seeing massive changes in our lives and allowed ourselves to ask the question – what do we actually want? At the time we both had full-time jobs in education but we both had the idea of helping others who were struggling like we were. The dream was to create a business that would impact the lives of others whilst giving us the freedom that we both craved for. So we started thinking big… and a few months later quit our jobs to pursue our dream life!

How did you develop your business?

One of the best things we did was start going to networking events. One, in particular, was Warrior Women Events. We instantly felt at home and welcomed by these amazing group of women (shout-out to Amy, Charli and Ailsa!) They were a really important part of us being able to hit our £10k target with Crowdfunder (where we needed over 100 backers) and we love connecting with other like-minded women there too! If you haven’t been – get yourself down to the next event! We went for the Back Her Business initiative where NatWest match your funding – which was a great help when launching our group coaching programme in September 2019. Another great networking group that we’ve worked with (and we think is awesome too) is Girl Boss Club (run by the fab Emily)! .

It’s a Monday night , you have had a crap day and are close to crying in the grocery aisle, what are your go-tos/pick me ups when it has been a bad day or week?

First off, we’ve all been there! Overwhelm is a totally normal feeling when we’ve been pushing ourselves too hard – and we still have to be careful with this. The most important thing here is to give in to the feeling to release it. Stop what you’re doing and breathe… especially if you are stressed! So many of us forget to connect back with our body when we’re feeling like this. It’s important to ask yourself what you need: it might be sleep, a cry, a hug or even a rant. Then be kind to yourself – try not to judge yourself and show some compassion. You are doing your best and we all need to rest sometimes. Some things that help us come back from overwhelm is – having a good cry and talking it out with someone, lots of sleep, meditation, vitamins and adjusting our schedule. One thing we always do now is take action straight away and try to be proactive so it doesn’t always get to the point of overwhelm. It’s important for us to learn what we can take and pull back when needed!

What are the small ways each one of us can feel a bit more empowered entering this new decade?

One simple thing that we can all do is to become aware of our internal dialogue, flip the script and change disempowering questions to empowering ones. This allows us to take control and responsibility of a situation.

For example:

Disempowering Q: Why does this always happen to me?

Empowering Q: How can I make this situation better?

Disempowering Q: What’s the point? I’m never going to get there!

Empowering Q: What one step can I take today to get closer to my goal?

Disempowering Q: How do I deal with this crappy situation?

Empowering Q: What would the best version of me do in this situation? Take time to become aware of your thoughts and start asking yourself if it’s serving you – if not, you have the power to change it! Also, remind yourself of how far you’ve come – give yourself some praise (this always helps us and we love celebrating all of our little wins!)

We hope this feature helps you celebrate all your little (and big, and in-between!) wins – you can click here to find out more about EMpowerME Sisters. We wish you a week as sunny and positive as Heledd and Lowri!


The Squiggles Team X

*All pictures courtesy of EMpowerME sisters