Store In Carnaby Street, London.

Celebrating the scenes, styles and sounds forged by young people over the last 100 years, the Museum of Youth Culture comes to Carnaby St, London until July 2021. 

The team behind ‘The Subculture Archives’ are reinventing the high-street by safely championing British rebellion and self-expression through the years, fused with an exciting retail concept fit for these times.

Throughout June 2021 the Museum is proud to launch, ‘A Way of Life’ photographer talks. A series of free events in the basement gallery revealing youth culture stories from the collections and embracing our world-class social history. Working with emerging artists such as Aiyush Pachnanda and Ellie Ramsden, to legendary subculture photographers Normski and Gavin Watson, are some of the guests who join the Museum for evening talks in June from 7-8 pm. 

Events Schedule:

Wednesday 16th June: 7pm Tony Davis (Northern UK 80s/90s Rave Photographer)

Thursday 17th June: 7pm Normski (80s Hip Hop and Electronic Music)

Pride of place at the entrance and new in store is the much loved, Eighties Analogue Photo Booth – using photographic paper and chemical development processes whilst you patiently wait for your four magical images to arrive. 

Then enjoy the chance to browse the museums free current exhibitions including:-

  • The first public showing of  Grown Up In Britain campaign, shared with us during lockdown and curated from the many thousands of incredible public submissions.
  • Reconstructed Teenage Bedroom – an installation journeying through the last 5 decades of youth self-expression within the confines of our own four walls; a visual feast of iconic newspaper clippings, publicly submitted photographs, records, zines and old school bedroom ephemera including a boombox.   
  • The Rusty Pin Badge Collection showcases a curated collection of badges from protest statements to pledging your dedicationto your favourite band. 
  • phatmedia and Chelsea Louise Berlin have provided a selection of original rave flyers – looking at the DIY design that made the physical flyer such a powerful tool to start a movement. 
  • Basement gallery view images from our most renowned Museum of Youth Culture photographers including Gavin Watson and Peter J Walsh entitled, ‘A Way of Life’. 

Finally, the gift shop offers a unique range of eco-friendly, British products reflecting subculture, music and counterculture from books, clothing, posters and prints from independent artists. Plus, a limited edition collection of Museum of Youth Culture mugs, hand crafted, screen-printed and finished in Stoke-on-Trent by artisan potters Heraldic Pottery

The sales from the store helps the Museum fund an education programme working with young people across the UK through creative workshops and skills development.  The pop-up store provides a model for other small nonprofits to help fill empty retail units across the UK with cultural content. 

Most importantly, the Museum of Youth Culture pop-up is an opportunity to thank the public for their incredible contributions to the archive by showcasing their stories in the centre of London.

Revelling in British culture and social movements across generations, from the Teddy Boys to UK Hip-Hop and Acid House, the Museum of Youth Culture exhibition and pop up store is an event not to be missed.

The Museum of Youth Culture Pop-Up at 3 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9PB, open until June 21st then moving to 1 Carnaby Street, London  until July 2021. 

Opening Hours

Mon – Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 12-5pm