Ahh the Christmas party – weeks of preparation, ‘what are you wearing?’ chat in the office and a night of one too many glasses of prosecco, ghastly karaoke attempts with Graham from accounts and the day after conversations mainly consisting of ‘did you see…?’ and ‘no way did I say that!’ and ‘did I really duet with Graham from accounts?’. Love it or loathe it, Christmas party season is a fixed event in all our calendars, a rite of passage if you will, and a reminder that, no matter how senior or busy we profess to be, no one is above a festive hat, a cracker joke and, you’ve guessed it, a round of karaoke.

As Christmas party season will look a little different this year, we’ve decided to ask 5 business owners and founders, who we’ve been fortunate enough to interview on the magazine this year, for their favourite Christmas party memory. Some are hilarious, some heart-warming yet all perfectly encompass one recurring theme: hope. Hope that we will return to normality and to silly dancing and gatherings with our nearest and dearest. Here’s to a safe festive season for all of us and hope for all the good things to come in the New Year.

My favourite Christmas party memory is from one of my childhood birthday parties (my birthday is Christmas Eve so this was just before) and my mum and dad had booked a trip to go to Lapland for the day on Christmas Eve! So, my brother and I came downstairs to the party and my mum pretended that she’d just found a letter in the fireplace addressed to my brother and I from Santa. The letter read that we had been invited to Lapland so that Santa could wish me happy birthday in person. Even though I was young, it was the most magical Christmas party I’ve ever been to and to share that with all my nearest and dearest was so lovely! (The trip to Lapland was awesome too!!)  – Rebecca Oliver, founder of Bee’s Blankets

When I worked for Diesel we had themed Christmas parties and one year was “Go Wild” – I dressed up as the Black Swan and made my outfit from a bra and 100s of black feathers! – Sophie Biggerstaff, founder of BYRCollective

More recently it would be my first Christmas after getting married. Hosting Christmas feels a bit like a right of passage and it was fun sitting back at the end of the day watching everyone watching the Christmas day tv wearing that sleepy, satisfied grin of the well fed and cosy – Simona Rusk, founder of Simona Rusk London

Our favourite Christmas party memory was in Central London after the party had finished! We had been drinking, partying and singing our hearts out in a bar until we all filled out into the street to get our taxis home as the bar closed. The street was lit up with Christmas joy and spirit – it was crisp and cold; those types of nights you can see your breath, the streets smelt of roasted chestnuts from some of the food vendors and there was a man busking with his saxophone who started playing ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ by Wizzard. The whole bar that was now outside waiting for their taxis erupted in song. We all danced and sang our hearts out in the street not wanting our night to end! It was truly magical and filled with so much Christmas joy! – Kelly Tamplin and Emma Quinn, founders of Complete Confidence Makeover

My favourite Christmas party memory probably has to be when one of my parents’ dogs decided to eat the turkey! Always plenty of sides to go around but it was a pretty funny Christmas.  – Caroline, founder of Box42

My favourite Christmas party memory has to be the one of the first Christmas party I hosted for my friends. Nothing incredibly complicated or fancy, just lots of food, plenty to drink and my favourite people sitting on the floor laughing their heads off (plenty to drink indeed). Bit nostalgic, yes but hopeful too and a reminder that plenty of more positive Christmases are coming our way. – Rose, founder of Miss Squiggles.

What’s your favourite Christmas party memory?


The Squiggles Team X