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My first kiss…

To celebrate World Kiss Day we asked three lovely ladies to tell us the story of their first kiss. We started with Miss Squiggles of course…

copyright of Miss Squiggles

copyright of Miss Squiggles

“I was 9, he was 8. We were playing truth or dare. He got dare. He had to kiss me on the cheek. I didn’t want him to kiss me so I pretended to listen to what the teacher was saying. Yes, we were in class. He didn’t get the hint and I got distracted maybe thinking about my lunch already. When I turned back he kissed me on the mouth, no notice, not even a drink first… by mistake he said (sure, sure.)…I slapped him and ran away…”

Miss Squiggles


Image courtesy of Danielle Waller

Image courtesy of Danielle Waller

“My first kiss was with a tall bronzed Aussie hottie, so as you can imagine I thought all my Christmases had come at once. Christmas had just come and gone as it happened, we met at a New Year’s Eve beach party in Australia. I actually can’t remember his name. Come on, it was New Year’s Eve and I was a few drinks in! I don’t remember a lot about the kiss but I remember being relieved that it was ‘out of the way’. I think the build-up in your mind is much bigger than the actual moment!”

Danielle Waller,’s dating and relationship expert



“My first kiss was when I was 13 at the bottom of the school field. I had liked this boy for a long time and was very giddy when he eventually asked me out. It was a really hot day and everyone was on the field at lunchtime and we went for a walk holding hands and he eventually kissed me. I remember being on cloud nine for the rest of the day.”

Emma Millard, blogger & vlogger @ It’s Em Channel

Share the story of your first kiss with Miss Squiggles now!

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Miss Squiggles

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One thought on “My first kiss…

  • Ilaria

    I was 11 and I was in class too. The teacher wasn’t there and we started to play “spin the bottle”. I wasn’t very happy to play this game because of the possibility of being kissed ON THE LIPS! I was a very shy girl and suddenly it happened: the boy who had a crush on me HAD to kiss me and he did it. It was like…very very weird and I didn’t like it at all. It lasted maybe 5 seconds and while we were kissing the janitor entered the room. He caught us and he asked shouting: “What are you doing?”. The most awkward moment of my life! -__-